Posted by RJ Garcia on 17th Apr 2022

Welcome to Inside the Wire

Who we are

Inside the Wire was formed in 2021 by veterans, the children and spouses of veterans, and one simple goal in mind, to serve those who chose to serve.  Originally, our mission was to extend services to our active duty and veteran populations, but with the rise of need to our police, fire, emt, first responder, medical, and dispatcher communities, we knew that wasn't enough.

Are you real?

In fact, we are.  What started as a concept for a primative campground for relaxation has turned into that same campground, plus offices for peer therapy, massage, life coaching, community referrals, assistance with VA navigation, and many more services - all free to our served communities and donations suggested for the general population, but never required.

How do I help?

Please stop by our Contact Us Page to drop us a line, whether you need services, wish to volunteer, make a donation, or just to say hello.  There's a link on that page for donations through PayPal.