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Inside the Wire LLC was formed in 2021 as a venture among veterans, the child of a veteran, and a spouse of a veteran. How they are all intertwined is a matter of circumstance and place and time, however each shared a common vision and a common concern - we all must do more.  The back story goes a little further back, however.

In early 2021, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of our co-founders, RJ was exploring properties in neighboring West Virginia just for a hobby and investment. He stumbled upon a modest 2.6 acres just outside Berkeley Springs and ran into a fellow veteran when touring the property.  Both were immediately drawn to the now internally infamous "meandering creek" that flows from the overlooking bluff above and almost simultaneously said, "I could sit here and listen to that for hours."  As fate would have it, RJ secured the winning offer on that property and then reality hit as to what to do.  It wasn't long before the conception of Inside the Wire's Camp Recovery took shape. Our other co-founder began the physical tasks of clearing and securing the property, build outs of sheds into primitive buildings for camping secured from the elements, and work continues on that site today in prepping pads for tent and small campers in a primitive camping style. Until now, both founders have used and exhausted personal resources trying to bring this vision to light.

In the background, the services and support of Inside the Wire began growing into the service organization it is today.  We secured office space in Williamsport, Maryland and founders and volunteers have taken courses for certification in massage, aromatherapy, life coaching, and use their years of experience and education in the offering of peer-counseling services.  What would have been frowned upon just a year ago by the Department of Veterans Affairs is now being heralded by them as "an essential augmentation of services that we are no longer staffed for or have the budget to provide."  Our concern did not stop here.

A shocking and alarming trend has emerged in the increase of suicides among our first responder populations all while a lack of discrete and confidential services are available to them.  Inside the Wire is proud to have extended our original mission of 'Serving Those Who Chose to Serve' to include police, sheriffs departments, fire, emt/medics, dispatchers, and all of our first responder family - to include their families - in the services and support our organization offers.

The name "Inside the Wire" has connotations that vary among military specializations, however for our purposes it conveys the safe spaces cut off by the wires curled along the trenches of life and not beholden to the prisons or prisoners of our own minds or traumas.  Inside the Wire will, as it was always envisioned to be, remain a safe, confidential, service-oriented space and a retreat for those who signed that blank check or who rise every day in defense of our freedoms, security, and health here or abroad.

Prompted by exhausting the financial resources and resulting burdens on our founders, we are pleased to have filed for and are awaiting final 501(c) status as a non-profit organization to allow our communities to help us continue to grow and provide critical services and outreach.  Your contributions now and in the future will only further strengthen our resolve and will never, as they have not before, ever go to lining our pockets, but straight to those critically needing our services.  If you wish to contribute or if you are a member of our served family needing assistance through the services that we offer, CONTACT US, where a link to donations can be made or a confidential, secured form is available to reach out to us.

Yours in brother and sisterhood, service, and honor,


Inside the Wire, LLC.












Inside the Wire LLC is a proudly veteran owned company.

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